Official - NASCAR 2021

Larson is eating this track for lunch.

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Dude is on another planet right now. Everyone else is just racing for 2nd right now.

If he wins this race it will be something like 8 out of the last 10 stages he’s won. That’s crazy.

Elliot is supposed to be the road course wizard and Larson is dusting him…crazy that braking comparison

Ridiculous caution

Wtf a caution for that? Nascar trying to get chase another win and take it away from Larson.

They could have kept the race green there way longer to let Alfredo get started rather than throw the yellow. Not like it’s a short track and they have to make a quick call.

leonardo dicaprio bravo GIF

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Man these Hendricks cars are a problem. They are dominating right now.

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I have been a Hendrick fanboy since Jeff Gordon just started winning (I am an old fucker). This makes me happy.

Kyle Larson just won his heat race in the DLM Dream at Eldora.

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All star race tonight. I used to love going to the one at Charlotte every year. Guys weren’t worried about points so they took crazy chances. It was always much more entertaining than the coke 600 the following week. I wonder if they will have the cars all lit up like they did at bristol a couple years ago.

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I forgot about the manufacturer lighting. That was cool.

Larson for the $1,000,000 tonight boys!!

This SRX shit is pretty boring

Let’s goooo! I just got into nascar this year because I started gambling on it and it’s great.
Got bets on Larson, Truex, or Kyle Busch to win and Odd number Car also.

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So this kinda sucks

I know these aren’t the marquee drivers but it’s already a clusterfuck. They need to hope the track cools off before the big name guys get going.

Has anyone ever driven over the choose arrow? I know you go to the back of the field but I’ve yet to see someone fuck up and run over it

I’ll be shocked if bubba doesn’t wreck someone in these ten laps