Official - NASCAR 2021

Nascar fans know how to party. Golf fans can be quite good too when drunk. I think
Someone here told the story of a fan trash talking Bubba Watson on an errant shot. Something along the lines of the fan being too close to Bubba’s ball which was maybe out of bounds. Bubba said “you’re not supposed to be back here” and the fan came back with “neither is your ball”.

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It isn’t crazy to think that someone like Harvick could miss the playoffs because there have been so many winners. 13 of 16 spots are already claimed by race winners.

All it takes is 2 new winners in the final 5 races (other than Hamlin and Harvick), and Harvick is out.

Yeah harvick is only like 80 points to the good right now


Larson reserving his good juju for the “playoffs”

Unsure why specifically but I have really enjoyed this season more than I have in a very long time. There have been some blowouts but, like today, the racing was damn good.
Probably close to 20yrs since I’ve enjoyed a season. I almost walked away completely from NASCAR a couple years ago, very close. Grew up watching with my dad and I never could officially end it.
Still a NASCAR purist at heart but the schedule changes have been good and stages helped.
I’ll never be the fan I was in the 90s, but this sport will not be either.
Looking forward to the next few years.

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