Official NE Patriots fan thread

If you’re replying to what I said, I stand behind it. If you even read what I said, I said I was prepared for down years but just not with cam because he’s the worst in the nfl and a complete jackass. NE would have won more last year with Brady but not that much and it would only delay the start of the rebuild. It worked out great for Brady and was the best move for the future of the pats. That’s just hard for some to comprehend and you seem to think you understand every NE fans pov but you don’t.

Right… Be careful what you wish for.

Bill is a great coach but it’s pretty obvious that Brady was the star for the last 20 years. I don’t care what your “pov” is tbh but to say “he HAD to go” is sooooo fucking silly.

It’s like you got sick of a real chance EVERY year of winning it all. Weird.

Rumors starting that Patriots are wanting to move up in draft to get one of the five QBs. Stephen Gillmore is also in the equation

Please god give me Justin Fields

Well that didn’t happen

If Mac really was the guy all along you got to admire BBs balls to just stay put at 15

I think Mac is the safest of the QB’s outside of Trevor. There is a lot less of a mystery of what they are getting and what the kid will play like in an NFL offense. If I had my pick of the 5, I’d choose Trevor and then probably Wilson but Wilson is still a mystery. Trey Lance is a risky move that could end up really great or a bust. I feel the same about fields even though there is a lot more know about fields. I could have got excited about about any of them but no one knows what will happen with any of them. Well, Trevor will fade into obscurity and Wilson is more likely to be Sam Darnold #2. The jets and the ny media will ruin the kid from byu.

I just hope Mac can take the job from cam early on. I feel like BB is still going to be stubborn about it. He’s already started shutting the annoying media up by saying “cam is our starting qb”. We’ll hear that 1000x until cam is not the starting qb.

anyone still think that BB has plans to make a move for Jimmy? I don’t. With SF taking lance, who is the least of the 5 ready to start, they need to keep jimmy for at least 1 more year. if I’m wrong, I just hope they don’t overspend but I’d like to see jimmy back for a bit.

I think they had plans and the 49ers said no

I was not in that camp.

I was in the camp that your 20 year, multiple champsion and mvp can stay as long as he wants, even if he dies at the age of 74 on the football field

Brady should have retired never wearing another team’s jersey imo


1st 3 picks are very promising. I don’t agree w/the 4th pick taking another RB. Unless Rex is not coming back and/or they are ready to part with Sony. Could be both, I really don’t know. I saw a thing about the top rated pass rushers in 20 & 21 in college. Forget what the actual grade/statistic was but IIRC, the top 10 included Jennings, Uche, and Perkins. Safe to assume that BB might have looked at that particular statistic.

I think Rex is a question mark, and theres always the potential that they are looking for a future replacement for James White.

He only re-signed to a one year deal

Sounds like the Sony Michel experiment is over. Sounds like the Pats are not planning to pick up his option. But they are going to pick up Isaiah Wynn’s

I think the best case scenario would be to have the kid spend the next year really learning and understanding the McDaniel/Belichick scheme. I think Mac is very promising now but I really believe that an extra year of “hands on” training would get him on the path to greatness.

Of course, I’m some random dude on the internet and nobody in the NFL is ever going to ask my opinion on anything.

Michel is a much better back than he gets credit for. Obviously not worth the financial commitment for a 5th year option with the “by committee” running approach we use, but still a very good player. We rode his ass through the playoffs in his rookie year.

Wynn is ridiculously injury prone, but considering what teams are paying LT’s these days, it makes sense to pick up the 5th year. When he is out there, which is pretty friggin’ rarely, he looks every bit a first round pick. I’m hoping for the best with him because he really is a talented player.

This is what I figured they do with him. IIRC, its similar to what they did with Vereen and Ridley. Vereen was a very good pass catching back but BB knew he had james white on deck.

Vereen’s career kind of faded into obscurity once he left the Pats

He had a good first year with the Giants, but tore his triceps in his second year. A week after returning from IR, he tore it again. That was pretty much the end for him.

That’s pretty much what happens to all the good players BB decides to part with. Not the injury part. The part about them not making any kind of a real impact after they leave. Not all of them, but most.

Jason McCourty is signing with the Dolphins

Belichick and Flores are basically playing the NFL roster version of “Go Fish” with each other.