Official NE Patriots fan thread

This Pats team will be interesting to see what their final record is. They could win a lot of these games or a lot of these games can go like they did tonight and the Pats will end up like 6-11

Not sure how to word this but as a lifelong pats fan, it strangely feels like Tampa is our major league team now and the Pats are the fun minor league you root for but it’s okay if they lose. Weird

I will say Mac is better than Brady was at this very first stage

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Watching that game I felt great about Mac he really looks like the real deal and pro bowl quarterback in the making.

Game was well planned and well coached, play calling was solid.

This loss is on the players not named Mac Jones and execution. Stupid penalties, fumbles ect. This loss is on a few people. Nine of them named Mac Jones or coach

Tough loss. But serious positives on Mac Jones. He looked confident, calm, decisive, made good decisions, good throws. It’s only 1 game but he seems pretty legit

Two fumbles and 84 yards of penalties, not the sort of thing you see from the Patriots.

Very, very frustrating loss.

Early season football. Lots of new players.

Mac looked like a veteran and was throwing dimes. He played well under pressure and converted on a lot of critical 3rd downs.

I’m excited to see how this season plays out but we’re definitely going to go through some growing pains as a team.

Nothing about this game should remind you of cam…

That first play certainly did, lol.

Was the worst play from Mac the entire game, and it came on the first drop back.

He made the right decision, throwing it at the feet of a receiver instead of taking a sack…Brady does that all the time, EXCEPT he forgot the receiver was behind him or got turned around and didn’t realize it, which made it a lateral and a live ball

This loss wasn’t on Mac imo.

Penalties, two costly fumbles, and the defense playing absolutely flat for the first drive of each half.

The offense needs to work on their red zone scoring…coming away with field goals there hurt them as well.

But for a rookie QB in his first game in the NFL, that was plenty good enough to win. Other parts of the team shit the bed in critical moments

damn kevin faulk’s 19 year old daughter died, article didnt mention how

i dont mean this in poor taste at all, it actually made me smile, somehow he convinced his wife to name their daughter Kevione hehe (maybe it was her idea idk)