Official news from Kezza

I will be leaving and making the move back to live in Japan on the 23rd of this month. At this point, it will be for a number of years (or until they kick me out on my white hairy butt).

Leaving my good friends and students, some who have been with me for over 8 years, is of course the hardest part of my decision as they are like family to me.

Vince Perry (Pacific United Mixed Martial Arts) will be completely taking over operations at the SHINDO gym and if it was not for him coming on board I would not be leaving as I have complete faith in his abilities as a professional coach and as a great friend who will look after all my students and continue to guide them on their journey.

I have a great crew at the gym and this includes many who have no aspirations of fighting but for many years come day in and day out just to train and enjoy themselves.

the Junior crew will be headed by JJ and are in good hands.

Spartan will continue to forge a head under the guidence of Dave McDonald but I will still be active in all matchmaking and will be flying back to help operate each Spartan event.

Of course, I will still be a presence on the forum and wish all who have supported Spartan (hell, ...even those who don't give a toss) a great Festive Season and a Awesome 2005!



Thanks for everything Kerry and I wish you all the best! :)


Good luck with the move and have a safe trip Kezza.

All the best in the future and hope to see you on here often...hope to see you at Spartan one day also.

Good luck over there Kerry. It'll be a shame to see you go, but it'll be good to have you over in Japan too... ;-)

Thanks for everything mate.

I am not being sarcastic in saying this , but this is probably the best thing to happen to spartan to date!

Being based in Japan will allow Kerry the opportunity to actively seek imports to Australia. I am sure this will be great for Spartan and Aussie MMA.

As a direct market competitor, I look forward to the challenge!

Re the gym, will it be SHINDO or PUMA? Vince is a great guy and has produced many good students.

we have had our differences but all the ebst in Japan, I am sure as stated above this is a good thing for Aussie MMA.


"bumfuck,idaho" and would your father be the mayor there? ;)

At the momment I actually have a little help from a gentleman by the name of Frank in San Jose CA that is helping send talent here for 2005.


all the best Kerry. Good luck in Japan!

I'd better hurry up and send you that dollar then :)

Good luck Kerry, I hope all goes well for you in Japan.

I don't know about everyone else, but I could have done without the news that your butt's hairy !!



Good luck Kerry, looks like i will have an excuse to visit Japan soon.

YAY congratulations!!!

I can't say that I'm not sad about Kerry leaving but the gym will keep powering along and I'm sure as Justin said this will certainly have its benefits.

All the best Kerry! You have been nothing but supportive and a friend to Matt, Mal and Me. All the best with your Japan endeavours and we may see you over there next year!

Great to hear that Vince has taken over with JJ in support, and that you still have your hand in the Spartans.

Best wishes and a very Merry Xmas.

-Team Tiger Twins

Good luck Kerry and have fun.  Hopefully I'll see you over there anyway. Team Machado just got a little bigger and stronger.


Thanks all for the kind words.

All the best Kerry with your new endeavours.

Craig ,Colin and all the boys from Townsville.

Merry xmas.

Looks like we will be seeing even more good Japanese fighters on Spartan in the future. Best of luck in the future mate.

Good luck Kerry! Glad to see you're still heavily behind Spartan.


Hey Kerry,

Very best of luck in Japan mate! What exactly are you going to be doing over there?

Huge loss to Australasian MMA, but perhaps an investment in more of our guys getting a shot overseas.

Sad to see you go but might have to come and play up in Japan sometime haha....

Your friend


Hey G, If you're planning a trip to visit Kerry in future.. Take me with you!!!