Official: NFL 2021 Off-Season Thread

Teams With Head Coaching Vacancies.

1. Philadelphia Eagles - Hired Colts OC Nick Sirianni

2. Houston Texans 

3. Detroit Lions - Hired Saints AHC/TE Dan Campbell

4. Atlanta Falcons - Hired Titans OC Arthur Smith 

5. New York Jets - Hired 49ers DC Robert Saleh

6. Los Angeles Chargers - Hired Rams DC Brandon Staley

7. Jacksonville Jaguars - Hired Former OU HC Urban Mayer 


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I might as well get IN on this one too.

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In early. Sergio Is the best! 


Sergio -


Lol if he gets hired and Eric Beinemy does not....there will be alot of butthurt.


I like Najee Harris. I hope he ends up in a good situation like Pittsburge or Atlanta.

Subbed for February 8th when this thread becomes relevant.

Go Chiefs!

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Chart of coaching consistancy as well.