Official: NFL 2021 Off-Season Thread

Dont forget Isaiah Wilson!

Dak is throwing again but honestly this looks just awful. Hopefully he will recover more to where he can actually better because if that’s how he has to throw from now on, he going to be awful in 2021.

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Jesus Christ at Wirfs numbers.

That guy must have mutant blood.

I think we’re gonna see a flurry of trade activity on day 1 of this draft.

This is my least favorite part of the NFL Season.

I’m so tired of the mock drafts, the pundits just talking out of their ass, the guesses that never turn out to be right.

I tune out during this period every year.

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Draft Day is exciting

Free Agency is exciting for the first few days.

All the lead up draft nonsense is garbage.

especially if we take Mac Jones

If they take Jones, the tears will be just as abundant as the trades.

tbh i like Mac.

i know people say it’s poor value but oh well, if you think he’s the guy i don’t have a problem with moving up to ensure you get him

my gut is saying we take Lance though and my brain is saying we take Fields

but i’ll be perfectly fine with Mac. particularly since i get to watch the mouthbreathers on the 49ers subreddit drool all over themselves if we do it

I don’t think there’s a huge gap of separation between any of those 3.

But when I hear Shanny talk about Kirk Cousins being his ideal QB, I do question his judgement a bit. Either way, Jones has the potential to be really good, so props to them if they say fuck the noise and go with their guy.

yeah Kirk is a perfectly fine QB and i think most teams would be happy to have him. but he’s not exactly who you dream of ending up with

i do wonder if getting our cheeks clapped by Allen and Mahomes might make Shanahan reconsider that though

Holy shit why would you even talk about this? Man, this is not going good for Watson.

Hes crazy. I cant imagine being able to ever fling 405lbs like that.

So I’m the spirit of the draft… it’s coming out that Deshaun Watson has some serious weaknesses…

He has a tendency of forcing the action
And he displays very poor ball placement

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Fun stat:

After turning 40, Jerry Rice had 185 catches, 2,509 receiving yards and 12 TD.

All other players in NFL history after turning 40 have combined for 2 catches and 4 receiving yards (catches by Tom Brady and Brett Favre).

Pats just released Julian Edelman with a failed physical designation.

I may need a minute

I really hope he can come back from the knee, and he winds up in Tampa.

Annnd he’s retiring