Official: NFL 2021 Off-Season Thread

Would love to see it.

You’re welco…HEY!

Always liked Villanueva despite being a Steeler.

Line already looking far more solid than when the season ended.

LT: Stanley back from injury
LG: Cleveland (I think the big mauler wins the job)
C: Bozeman (taking over from the yips machine Skura)
RG: Zeitler
RT: Villanueva

Add to that getting back Nick Boyle (the best blocking TE in football), having Ricard, and drafting Mason who is a mix between Ricard and Boyle and next year is exciting already.

I just want to see the butt hurt Steelers fans’ reactions with Villanueva on the Ravens

Broncos OT Ju’Wuan James tore his achilles, will miss the season

Speaking of butt hurt LOL

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My favorite response to that vid

God…poor Ty. You see the man die just a little more every year.

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Thats a relationship thats going to last a long time

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I thought it was his mom!

Lol his reaction to last years first round pick was better. But yeah he’s a defeated fan at this point

Was it his Mom? Lol. That would make more sense

I always found it weird how out of 32 teams Brady’s team is so often near the top in easiest schedule.

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Not his mom, the way she hit him with a closed fist means relationship. What a beta, she’s probably sent him to his room like a child before

Good. He was a waste in Denver. Played like 60 plays in his time here.