Official: NFL 2021 Off-Season Thread

Brady just had knee surgery and apparently played with a knee issue all last year.

Said hes already able to do things now he wasnt last year

Another year with this team figuring out how to okay together….look out.

The Rams had a meaningless regular season win, whoopdie doo

Sure, they can be better but they’re not the only team that will be improved. History has shown us repeating is incredibly difficult. And while Brady is Brady, and a man I will never doubt, he’s also going to be 44 years old when the season starts.

The question of maintaining performance will always linger at that age, even with the GOAT.

Cant really feel sorry for the guy. He signed the dotted line.

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i don’t think Lance will start a game for SF this season unless Garoppolo is injured (which is always possible)

really think they want him to learn for a season before letting him rip it in 2022

Lol it gets worse. No longer 3rd. Hes the best in the NFL.

Lol Zimmer is the least “coach speak” coach during the off season in the NFL. I’m sure this helps the kids confidence.

Lmfao talk about WASHED

Unless hes willing to swallow his pride he will not find another team. Hes no longer a RB1 in this league.

Andy Reid is universally loved by players. Bell must be a grade A shitbag

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I’d say Bell is universally regarded as a…Grade A shitbag.

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Big facts.

I’ve never heard a bad word about Andy Reid. We know Bell is a head case though

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Quick video of something’s the Dolphins defense is doing.

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he looked so slow last year im not sure any team will want him

Yeah, apparently he was a Vikings fan growing up. Real powerhouse alternative there.

First BSOL comment of the season? He does look good from pics seen of him. He hears the footsteps of Tony Pollard behind him.

Happy for him. Seems like a pretty cool dude.