Official: NFL 2021 Off-Season Thread

I can’t wait

And staying the fuck out of the day-to-day football operations

Lol yep, Jerry Jones to this point has done literally the opposite of anything to win a superbowl. Didn’t his son have to like tackle him or something in order to stop him from drafting Johnny Manziel?

The NFL covid shit-show of 2021 should be pretty entertaining.

The Lions will be the first team to lose a game this way. Watch

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I predict Stafford gets covid and causes the rams to forfeit a game

Lol they tried that bullshit on him twice last year. Both were false positives. The nfl will try anything to stop the powerhouse that is known as the Detroit Lions

I respect the man’s choice. If he wants to retire because he does not want the shot then more power to him.

Also Jerry Jones still allowing every and anyone to come to Dallas practices to video tape.

Willing to do anything for a SB my ass.


Wow, feels like he’s been just about everywhere in the league.


Yep. As a player and coach

Los Angeles and Oakland Raider
San Fran
New York

Dude has been around and had alot of friends.

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He deleted that tweet shortly after.

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For @RdotC

Marlo at 6?

That’s only 5 spots off…

Yeah that’s right. Work on those scat back things because you know Tony Pollard is gonna be taking some playing time.