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Great play by Athanasiou saves a goal.

Yup. Great play.

Nobody made the play there…shit. I want to go to a 2nd round game. C’mon Kings.

If Oilers win this, then Calgary better win tomorrow to set up a Battle of Alberta.


Glad the Oilers won, McDavid grabbed the bull by the horns in the last two games and took them through. But holy shit did Quick play a hell of a series. He’s still stopping pucks like a beast.


The kings Even getting to 7 games given no Doughy or Arvidson in the series and all the injuries they had in the regular season is a pretty good year.

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So, Connor McDavid becomes the second player ever earning more than 10 million bucks a year to make it out of the first round of playoffs since the salary cap came in. Carey Price last year was the first.

Interesting. Would have been funny if LA won. Doughty could have been the second.

bobrovsky makes 10 and panarin has a chance to join that club tonight

You’re right, Bob beat McD by a day.

I think it’s something that took teams a while how to figure out and we’ll see it as a regular occurrence now, especially as salary gap goes up relative to the contracts already signed and have aged. The stagnation of the cap in the Covid era prolonged the process as well.

We need The Battle of Alberta to happen… Go Flames… tonight, then we shall see.

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florida knows they will be in trouble soon barkov will be up to 10 mil next year then huberdeau needs a new deal following next year , i dont think they can afford to pay him 10 as well

i just noticed verhaghe also need a new contract after this year im sure he will be getting a big raise from the 1 million he makes now

Yup, I really hope it happens and I think it probably will.

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How about no on the Battle of Alberta. Stars win 2-0
I know there’s a good chance the season ends tonight but Dallas has played great defense and I’m really proud of the way Jake Oettinger has stepped up under all this pressure.

Toronto Choker Leafs

Right before Abe Lincoln freed the slaves

Dallas and Calgary is fun but the winner will be eliminated next round

When are they going to have the schedule for Round 2 off the playoff out?

I don’t think Edmonton is a for sure against either.

Probably tonight

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