Official NHL thread

Bergeron back for another season with the Bs at least

Tucked in last night.


Lfg Avs!

cernak’s in I think

Wake up and put some lipstick on, you’re about to kiss Nathan MacKinnon

looking forward to not having Ron MacLean on the broadcasts in the future

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As a Stars fan it’s crazy to see what Val has become in Colorado.

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MacKinnon about to get the game winner

crazy pace in the 3rd

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God I love playoff hockey


Man is the boogieman known as the Lightning still alive?

bednar might have to emulate coopers post game cry baby routine if they can’t tie it up

I’m a lousy fan, I personally benefit too much off the loss

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Perry keeps getting points

I made a little over $6k profit for my game 5 tickets and a I have 6 more game 7 tickets too. I wanted to lock up a profit on game 7 and not have any part of my wanting to lose game 6 so I bet $3,450 on the Avs money line so I should walk with at least $3,000 either way. Avs still a big favorite to close it out Lfg!!!


There won’t be a game 7 - don’t piss me off…

Lock It Up Vince Vaughn GIF by filmeditor

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Great game


Let’s go game 7!!