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Tkachuk was just suspended 2 games for that.

I don’t know. For me it’s all about intent. I don’t think he intended for his stick to sneak through. Just wanted to tap the mask. It was a quick gesture. No force behind it.

I guess the suspension is fine, but the outrage is certainly overblown.

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it’s hard to feel bad for Matthew Tkachuk

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Agreed. This one checks all the right boxes. I like Quick, I hate Tkachuk and I played goalie so I obviously like when the rules protect goalies. I can’t get behind this one though.

I was blacked out for being in market even though the panthers aren’t shown in this area (Tampa is, it’s fucking retarded) so I missed it. But the way the stick hit it def looks like it went between the grill and could definitely make contact with his face. I don’t know that I’d call it intentional as it seemed like he was trying to redirect the puck but it’s up to you to control your stick.

What an absolute shit look for the Boston Bruins.

They caved to the woke mob and released Mitchell Miller 3 days after signing him. Say what you want about the kid, but have the balls and conviction to see it through.

The statement Neely released is absolutely pathetic. “In light of new information…”

What a coward.

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it was very poorly considered and executed from the start

There is no new info. They knew the entire league knew. What a bullshit move.

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Kaprisov threw a nice cross check stick to the jaw of Doughty last night. Also can ESPN find a decent play by play guy for hockey? Jesus it’s bad.

The Kings and Wild have combined to play both the highest and lowest scoring games of the year so far. 7-6 and 0-1.

Pretty gruesome. And give the speed of the game and they have super sharp blades on their feet it’s amazing things like this don’t happen more often.

Man that’s scary



If you told me that watching an invitee from Hamilton signed by Bergevin progress in his career would get me back to watching the Habs (along with Suzuki reaching his potential) I would have said you’re nuts.

Anyone know what happened to this kid?

Meh, getting a match and suspended a game for that was a ridiculous call. Doughty prior to that was crossvhecking kaprispv into the ice.

Doughty was trying crosscheck kaprisov in the neck seconds before kap relatiated.

As of Oct 24th…

One player in particular who was caught up in the geopolitical maelstrom: Flyers prospect Ivan Fedotov, who was expected to compete for Philadelphia’s backup goaltending position this season. Fedotov played last season for the KHL’s CSKA Moscow, which is considered an extension of the Russian Army. Fedotov signed a contract with the Flyers in May, and two months later, while skating at a rink in St. Petersburg, he was arrested by a SWAT team and sent to a military base in Severomorsk. All men ages 18-27 in Russia must serve in the military unless they have an official exemption, which is usually university studies. Fedotov was detained on grounds of military evasion.

“This type of snatching and sending young men to arctic bases has been used as retaliation against opposition figures in Russia,” Washington Post Russia correspondent Mary Ilyushina explained to ESPN. “In this case, it may not have to do with opposition but rather abandoning a Russia club for an American one.”

Fedotov hired a military lawyer, who reported that Fedotov was hospitalized after receiving “some kind of injections.” Fedotov has since been transferred to another base. His legal team dropped his appeal for the charges of evasion, and according to sources, he is hopeful that after serving a year in the military he will be released and allowed to come to the United States to begin his NHL career.

This is a case the league is following closely, as it could be the first example of the NHL and KHL memorandum being violated. Considering CSKA Moscow’s relationship with the military, it’s possible Fedotov could be required to play for CSKA Moscow.

One general manager said he’s not as concerned for well-established veterans, but more so for the prospects and younger players in the league. “They seem more susceptible to getting caught up with military service, et cetera,” the GM said. "And of course there is now the real concern – one that we used to have for years, but had gone away of late – about getting those guys over here and signing contracts. "

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He didn’t get suspended. He did get a minimal fine though at 5k.