Press Release and

Reveal Trailer,

Gameplay due this Sunday.



Where are the OG BFers?


I’d recommend not giving DICE any of your money.

They made a concerted push to “diversify” the WWI and WWII battlefield with disabled PoC women - including a recreation of the famous Telemark Nazi Heavy Water sabotage mission, in which they replaced the male heroes with BADASS WAMENS.

“EA chief creative officer Patrick Söderlund says that the developer is uninterested in taking flak for diversifying the gaming space. “We stand up for the cause, because I think those people who don’t understand it, well, you have two choices: either accept it or don’t buy the game,””


This totally rejected that. Henced the huge hype and positive responses to this trailer reveal.

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Glad to see they’re putting women in the game again. Nothing makes you feel immersed in a war game like playing as a woman. Looks like battlefield 1 was the last decent game of the series.

Are there women In the armed forces today?

Is this set in 2042?

Why are ‘balls’ so fearful of women?

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Women in the military = fine. Women in front line special forces combat role = retarded. Sorry, it’s just so dumb it ruins the immersion of the game.

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But really, the bigger problem with the game is the specialist roles. It seems like they’re going down the blackops 4/rainbow six route, probably so they can sell a bunch of shit via microtransactions. Battlefield was always about the classic classes, I dont want to be forced into to picking a particular specialist because my squad members are already playing others.

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The specialists related to the classic classes. So what’s the argument ? We all know you can end up with a squad of 4 snipers.

I read that each squadwill be limited to one of each specialist. Regardless of whether or not that’s true, I just dont like specialist characters and stupid special gadgets. I absolutely hated black ops 4. I’ll wait to judge until the game actually comes out though. I’m hoping it’s great, but after bf5 and seeing some of the decisions they’re making here, I don’t have high hopes.

Fuck EA, fuck Dice, and fuck Battlefield in general. I’ve never had a battlefield game that wasn’t a glitchy, buggy, absolute shitshow on day one. Necessitating multiple huge patches almost immediately. Microtransactions galore to make it playable without being merc’d 3 seconds after spawning. And that’s before even getting into the “woke” bullshit from “V”.

EA will never see one thin dime of my money again.

I’m excited, but couldn’t we just have gotten a realistic game based on the collective experiences of infantry and SOF guys overseas in Iraq and Syria?

The chick is a medic.

These are not armies. They are dispossessed people being used as proxy PMCs

Looks like they’re going back to what made battlefield great… when it’s good it’s fucking good. I’m cautiously optimistic.

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Dear fucking god

That trailer is way to gimmicky. My only questions…

  1. Who’s lining up to pay $70 to be a two-year beta tester when this is released?

  2. Do you think DICE/EA will finally implement some kind of working game balance?

Just kidding about #2… After the shit show if BFV, we all know DICE and EA could give a fuck about their player base.

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Gamer geeks are always excited by pretty flashing lights… But that alone doesn’t make a playable game. 2 years on BFV is still broken.

I still play Battlefield 4 constantly. All I wanted was Vietnam. Would rather even have modern instead of near future.

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Arma 3 prairie fire.

MACV SOG books defined my childhood, playing that is a pipe dream. True commando shit.

Bf V was and always will be shit. It was the first bf I didn’t take up. Same with many other bfers. Thus is the redemption release.