I love me some Battlefield 4 when the family is away and I’ve got nothing to do…

Bad Company 2 and Battlefield 3 were the best

There was a great OtherGround squad on Battlefield 3, we had a lot of fun.

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3 and 4 were my faves.

Trailer looked promising, at least it’s not WW1 / 2.
I miss customisation for weapons.

Really does need a balancer and anti cheat though. Wish they would bring back community servers so we can run Procon etc. Was so much better back then. I’d literally play on a handful of servers without issues.

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If they can’t control the hackers it is not fun. Too many cheaters play

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Excited isn’t the word.

Sadly frostbite source code was hacked a few days back. Needs kernel level anticheat.

Jackfrags is the man

Sadly you’re right about BFV… Sucks to say too cuz I was one of the guys who wanted an updated WWII Battlefield.

I still wouldn’t hold out hope for the new one to be a redemption. EA and DICE seem determined to take it closer and closer to a CoD type game. This trailer looks very gimmicky to me.

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