Official OG Cryptocurrency Thread

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Yeah, they’re next. I still don’t understand how anyone thought they could earn interest on crypto? That was just such a bad idea with an extremely volatile asset.

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People mistakenly conflate dollar amounts with staking rewards, if you think its interest or its pitched as such, then its wrong. If however you produce a token. Of course you can pay more of the token that you keep back as token rewards for locking value. What the value does in the mean time is of course up to market forces int he main, Which is why with smart money 2.0, shorting Fin tokens from outside our ecosystem is financially discouraged in the code itself, so such rewards pay out to only those with a stake, and profits can eb taken, freely to those, who act accordingly within the system. Its quite revolutionary.

Isn’t this what bitconnect was?

no one is aponzi, where it requires new users to invest to facilitate any type of yield, the other, spreads that risk amongst a basket of other ponzis. :wink:

Don’t you get cained in Singapore for spitting gum in the streets. I wonder what the punishment is for this sort of behavior

Probably nothing. Singapore is like Switzerland or Cayman Islands of Asia.

Any thoughts on trading crypto over weekends?

In general do you like to trade, avoid, or does it make no difference to you trading crypto on the weekends?