Official OG Cryptocurrency Thread

Was it just one ? Or are you, as usual, minimizing this as you do with your own dishonest nonsense.

Is this issue going to get better? Especially at scale?

How many mining companies will have shut down operations during a heat wave?

Yes. You should start trying to learn from people that actually know what they’re talking about.
You ever talk to any Bitcoin miners? Or just look up bullshit online crypto articles?

Shutting down is part of the plan.

You do not matter.

B-b-but jed

Lol no one is complaining about Jed dumping XRP and causing a problem with the market. You keep holding onto that red herring like it’s a prize catch.
You clearly miss the point because you don’t want to deal with the fact that the creator dumped all of his shit and you are his exit liquidity.

Jed is inconsequential to xrps future utility.

The fed is about to end the SEC shenanigans

Proof of work on the other hand…could be up for some more rough roads

Good luck to you

No thanks to Fed Coin. I’m not a statist cuck.

Will bitcoin still go down ? What are the opinions here?
Is it a good time to purchase a crypto license or is it too risky, considering the current situation on the crypto market. Would love to hear from people who actually have experience with the trading.

No one really knows, probably depends on what the fed does. If they keep tightening it probably goes down or stays flat, they start printing again and it will go up like everything else.

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That’s definitely a short term influence on the price.

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It can still go down. Many factors can influence that. If a lot of Mt. Gox coins sell off, that can lower the price on Bitcoin for a lil bit but I know a lot of people wanting to buy at these levels so long term I don’t expect it to go down long.

I think the fact that besides retail and institutional investors more and more coming into their own knowledge of what Bitcoin is and what sets it apart, we also always have these altcoin(shitcoin) founders taking a majority of their profits and dumping it into BTC, because they know what it is. It helps keep Bitcoin above the rest and in a steady trajectory upwards.
Most of them are just playing a game and the end goal is to hold more Bitcoin.

Pretty interesting

Solana is such a shitshow

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It is interesting, although a lot of people are seeing Bitcoin down and thinking this is linked, but it was in motion a while ago because Saylor hasn’t been able to keep up all his duties as CEO with all the TV appearances, interviews on and offline and speaking engagements he’s been doing. He still maintains control of the company, just now gets to focus more on Bitcoin and the company gets to keep pushing along and grow its operations without him slowing it down with his energy being spent on his Bitcoin evangelism.

The article points at a nearly $1Billion loss, yet it’s not technically a loss. They just have to report it quarterly as a loss in value as a business holding assets, but technically they never sold any Bitcoin so no loss has been realized. When the price eventually comes up he’s still got the same amount of Bitcoin as when it was up by $3Billion.

“Michael Saylor, one of the most prominent bitcoin backers in corporate America, handed the chief executive officer role at MicroStrategy (MSTR) to a deputy and became executive chairman, putting his focus exclusively on hoarding cryptocurrencies.”
Not hoarding cryptocurrencies- it’s Bitcoin only.

They can’t even get that right.

“There is no second best”