Official OG Cryptocurrency Thread

Damn, when are people going to learn?

Always use hardware wallets folks.

Live Twitter convo here:

Most people that got drained are using Trust Wallet, or other similar wallets like Phantom Mobile or Slope Wallet. If you are using a software-based hot wallet, I’d act immediately.

Lol! I lost a ton of money during the Luna thing. From now on it’s BTC only and maybe the occasional trade.

I am ready to hodl btc until my retirement

did you put all your money in luna?

I had 3k of luna and 10k of ust in anchor protocol. So that fucking hurt. Lesson learned

why did you think that was a good idea?

Basically everyone else was doing it and I was like screw it I want some of the action too. It was working fine for months.

I thought the biggest risk was simply that they were going to cut the rewards. But then I also didn’t properly understand the technical stuff. Big mistake

Legendary shit

What do people think about this guy in the crypto space? I gotta admit, I watched this 2 part interview and he’s pretty damn funny. Also, pretty damn full of himself, which is what’s funny.

I can’t stand him. He’s a scammer but at least one of the few that openly admits it and recently really leaning into his heel persona.
He was a Bitcoin only guy until he realized he could scam a ton of people so he can get more Bitcoin for himself.

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He is hilarious but has like 2% valid points.

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He retweeted my pisstake video editing his twerk into a get that ass homo hip hop track.

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Everyone learns to be Bitcoin only eventually, some just have to go through more pain than others.

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I was hesitant to even start buying bitcoin lol. I can’t imagine buying anything else. It’s like saying, I’m not comfortable buying gold so I’ll buy palladium instead.


Bitcoin only in terms of an actual currency. Not Bitcoin only in terms of assets.

Any assets outperformed Bitcoin over the last 10 years?

of course not.

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Posted same thing in Bitcoin thread.


This isn’t true. Even though I’m an early btc concept/adopting guy, 2011 mining. Made the mistake of believing the establishment will clamp down on it sold early.

I will always believe that BTC is the better form of money.

I will always accrue BTC

But in no way am I against other crypto currencies that can perform a wide variety of other financial and operational tasks.

The future is most certainly multichain. There will be no coin to rule them all and in the darkness bind them.