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Lol you XRPtards are always such doom & gloomers

Ripple will win the case and :rocket: :rocket:. Come back to this message in 6 months

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This is somewhat like walking into an NBA thread and saying that Manchester United are going to win the Premier League this year.


Lol we’ve heard this before yet hasn’t happened and this makes no sense. I hear XRPtards say in the near future that every other asset, Bitcoin, Gold, real estate is going down, stock market going down, but XRP is going to go up. It clearly shows they have no real grasp of the economy or how this works.



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That’s a cool visual of Jed McCaleb’s exit liquidity- flushing his XRP bags down the drain.

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That is alarming how a couple of jerks can vaporize 1 trillion. Just imagine a state run company whose sole purpose was to crash a market when instructed to do so. They could do a lot more damage that these nerds.

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Bitcoin back again at critical support line - the 2017 high of approx 19900. If she breaks this line and consolidates… next bus stop is just under 16k.

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Screen name checks out

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I concur. It does check out.

Thoughts on XRP’s / SEC decision from this past weekend to try to resolve the 2 year ongoing case without going to a full trial?

haven’t followed it at all.