Official OG food contest ideas thread

Figured I would make this. Use this thread as a gathering of ideas or as Little Carmine would say “a meeting of minds.”

OGers like to cook. OGers like to flex on others. OGers like to talk as much shit as possible towards each other. Here is the springboard to do all of that.

Come up with your food challenges and post them. Ya, YOU reading this. All I read is how everyone hates the 24/7 political posts and flood of troll accounts, yet nobody wants to do something about it. Well, YOU can change that. Start telling these bums that they eat like peasants and let them know you are better than they are based on culinary skils. I mean, really talk as much shit as possible in doing so.

Could be every week. Could be individual challenges putting the cal on some fool. Entertain us. The sandwich contest shows guys want to do this. I can run some of these but ideally it would be great if any active, non-political member would do these as it will get the most involvement from the entire forum.

Come up with ideas and run with it. Impress me with your food, losers.

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I don’t cook good looking meals anymore. All health conscious bullshit.

Kill me please.

No excuses. Get good.

Hell, work knife craft into making radish roses or some shit. There is always a food angle.

Fried chicken

Salads for Alto

Cheeseburger cheeseburger cheeseburger.

A healthy food contest is still a food contest. Someone run with it.


Someone start one for this weekend.

I challenge all you rat soup eatin mf’s to a chicken making contest! Anything made of chicken is game!

I won the sandwiches, and sandwiches arent even my major!

And dont even bother showing up if you’re not prepared for mass levels of shit talk, name calling, and references to soap in food.


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I win!


Dammit I didn’t sign up to go against superhumans like @TeamEvilBadGuys !

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I was victorious in the sandwich thread. Obviously the rest of you peasants can’t read. I shall also be victorious in all other food threads to come. You may bow now.

My cheesesteak gave you scum all a culinary beating.

Something made with all hunted and gathered items. No grocery bought ingredients. Would need a bit of lead time though

I’ll make a cicada and pine cone dip

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Eating my delicious soup tonight. I’ll be ready for a soup contest come fall when I can really hand out a soup beating to you losers.

In all honesty I think an OG cake contest would be hilarious.

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