Official OG food contest ideas thread

100% a cake contest would be great. I would legit try and make some disgusting failure of a cake because fuck you.

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For example, sheet cake decorated like lake homeslice.

Or your own depiction of “I wild each it”.

Does brownies count as cake?

I’m trying to get the bear accounts to have a picnic basket food contest to determine the alpha bear here.

ttt for ideas

What should be next food contest and when?

Cakes. And if that’s what we do I’d need to do it on a weekend. I’m up for anything that brings laughs.

Going to launch a new contest on Sunday for next weekend. I didn’t want to do it because a certain percentage of this place don’t like me and based off that won’t participate. Fuck em. I’ll make a good idea this Sunday and it will give an entire week for you fools to prepare and talk shit.

Cakes and pies


I have decided on the contest. It will be a 2 day event next Saturday and Sunday. This will be something OGers will want to WIN because some of you are really about making what the contest will be about. I’ll post it Sunday to begin the fuckery.

I’m in

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