Official Petition - Get Baroni on MAIN CARD ! ! !

smooshfaceace - hell no, he should not be in the ufc in the first place

this is mma not wwe
It's not MMA, it's UFC, and who is Dana White but a bald Vince MacMahon?



"hell no, he should not be in the ufc in the first place"

Signed!!!!!! Baroni is a real fighter, with a real athletic physique, and a really good interview. Its great he is back in the UFC. War Baroni and hammerhouse.

Someone should post those pics of baroni and coleman doing that intense cardio workout outside! They were really sweaty and getting a super hard workout.

This fight is his best chance to win a fight in the UFC, but I will be putting money on Amir. "Da Best Eva" will gas in the 2nd.

TTT for phil on main card. His an exciting fighter.

Always a fan phil.

The greatest eva needs to be seen.

That card is too stacked as it. Just no room for Baroni on the main card. I wouldn't want him to be bumped to the main card at the expense of one of the fights currently on the main card going down to a prelim.

eh. stick baroni on spike if they show the prelims

AmericanPsychoMMA -  NYBA

Bobby Lupo -  He needs to be on the undercard.