***Official Release*** Clinchin' 2

Official Release Notice

The much awaited follow up to the Singer Brothers ground breaking "Clinch for the Street" is now available for immediate release.

Due to the overwhelming success of the prerelease sale all pre-orders are now shipping in the order in which they were received.

Clinchin' 2

The All New

"Electric Boogaloo"

With both Live Seminar Footage and "To The Camera" instruction this DVD set has something for everyone. Adam Singer, Paul Sharp, and Rory Singer will show you:

  • The Fundamental Five for the Clinch
  • Takedown Defense for Non Wrestlers (including the Hip of Doom)
  • Five Methods for Setting Up the Double Leg for the Genetically Disadvantaged
  • Striking from the Clinch
  • The Thai Clinch for MMA
  • Wrestling Counters to the Thai Clinch
  • Clinch "Play by Play" Analysis
  • The Russian Armbar
  • The Head Peel
  • The Bump and Run
  • The High Dive
  • The Lazy Man's Salto
  • The Spiral Ride
  • And Much Much More!!!

Taking full advantage of DVD technology this set has full menus and is loaded with Extras.

Running Time approx. 4 hours / 3 DVDs

DVD Prerelease Price $75

S/H $7

Clinchin' 2 Promo

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Is mine here yet?

Is it here yet?
Is it here yet?



I still cannot get that link to the promo to work.


The promo is the most viewed item on my website. My bandwidth usage is through the roof. That can only mean that it is working for other people. Is it possible that the problem is on your end?

I just get a blank page when I click on the promo link.

I just got back from a friends house where I tried out the promo. It worked fine. He had never dl'ed the file before.

Aaron anything is certainly possible :). Maybe it is Mozilla. I think I will dowload the link instead of trying to view it. I will be giving you a call this week to discuss some things of interest concering the instructional. Good stuff I think. Talk to you real soon.


Like I said Bro, it steams fine for me. If you ar eusing a different browser that could certainly be the problem.

its mozilla, the plug in is corrupt

Thanks Fernando. I was really starting to worry about what might be wrong.


This set would be perfect for a non-wrestler. It not only has tons of techniques but it teaches a game plan for learning the clinch. It isn't just a set of moves with nothing tieing it all together. We also have a big Muay Thai influence and that shit flusters the hell out of wrestler's. Just ask Paul Sharp :). I hope that you enjoy the DVD if you decide to purchase it.


The DVD set was put together with the non-wrestler in mind.



I will put something together for you Rory and email it. Aaron, Yes I received the DVD's in record time. I watched all three now and want to go through them again and put toegther a review. I also have Hardcore Training and Clinch for the Street and will reference back to them in the review.

After watching the third DVD (seminar), I will give Adam even more credit on his explanations... some things that I was never aware of he hit on (sprawling, single leg defense) that were really good.

I know Aaron wanted to know if I liked how the DVDs were put together... They were done professionally and I liked the chapter breaks in the extras section. Made it easy to navigate and find the material or things I wanted to see again. A couple of the outtakes are priceless and were a nice touch on the DVDs.




look forward to the review. I also have the set and will post my views after you. (I want to rewatch it a couple of times first)

I'm now thinking of getting some of the Singers earlier stuff so I am really interested in the references you make to all of their materal (overlap etc).

Just ordered mine!

Aaron - Any idea how long it will take to ship to Asia?




I ship all international orders USPS Air Mail. I am sure that the holidays will slow things down a bit.


Cool thanks.