Official Ron DeSantis for President Thread!

Only a retard would believe that poll. There’s literally no liberals in Florida outside of Miami

To be fair, he does predict more Republican turnout in the midterms as that seems to be the overall trend.

But it is incredibly silly to be so dismissive of one of the most consequential pollsters of the past decade.

Some of you are living in a fantasy world where Ron is gonna win by double digits

DeSantis would be way more effective continuing to govern Florida as opposed to the disgusting tranny-filled swamp that is the federal government.

We are Balkanizing as a nation, and he is better off right where he is for the people in his corner of land mass…

Incorrect. Broward County is second most populous county in FL and is most 2/3 Dem or NPA who lean left. To win this election, DeSantis needs to win at least 1/3 of Broward voters- down from 35% or so last time due to the population growth in the rest of the heavily Conservative State. This happened last time largely due to the efforts of Andrew Pollack who mobilized an enormous number of people through social media to get out and vote in the Primary as well as the General Election in November. Andrew is no longer living in FL. The Republican Party here is dated and rooted in traditional door knocking campaigns. DeSantis will have a tough time getting those votes here but in all likelihood, he’ll get them. For the record, I support DeSantis and think he has done an absolutely fantastic job.

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Finally a sensible comment from a DeSantis supporter.

Refreshing to see after so much arrogance from Rontards who don’t even live in Florida.

Polls are for welfare turds. That’s the only people who have time to take them. All normal people have full time jobs and a life afterwards.