Official Royce Support Thread

Post here if you are rooting for Royce. Lets get the bandwagon going early. All aboard! Haters stay off the thread.

Jokes aside, I have been lucky enough to train under Royce for almost ten years and if what he has already done and continues to do does not inspire you, well, you better check your pulse.

If you are a Royce Fan, represent! If you are or were one of his many students, post your rank and city-state-country too. Let him know his team is 100% behind him.

Give him hell Royce! Tosh Cook, Purple Belt, Fresno California USA

100% Royce fan win or lose.

I'm in - lm

I'm rooting for Royce. 100%


Go kick some ass Royce!!!!!

Win, Lose, or Draw......we're proud of you for having the cojones to take this fight.

We'll be there cheering for you.

Phil, Blue Belt, Fresno, CA Royce Gracie Network

TTT for the one that got most of us started....

TTT for the original champion. Choke him out, help him up, send him home.

Go Royce!

ttt for Royce!!!

count me in

I'm rootin' for Royce, and I'm predicting him to submit Hughes by rear naked choke inside two rounds

go Royce!

Royce all the way!!!!!!!!!

I predict Royce will win by going DEEP into his bag of tricks and breaking out a <GASP> leg-lock.

Royce by knee-bar.

put him to sleep Royce


ttt for Royce!!!

I offer Royce my support and will be rooting him on.

And I'm sure that I can say that for all the guys at the Gracie Network in Pittsfield MA as well.

I hope he rolls over Hughes Philly style!

I really like Matt,have a lot of respect for him, think he's a great champion, think he represents his self very well as a champion, but I'm for Royce 100%. How can you be a true mma fan and not be routing for the legend, especially for taking a dangerous challenge like Hughes.