Official Sakara-Stann Thread.

  The best hands in the UFC, il Gladiatore Romano: Alessio Sakara takes on tough top of the division fighter Brian Stann in Sweden. I am here, not only as a fan, but as an unbiased observer and I will break down the strengths and weaknesses and assess a winner.

Sakara has a vast advantage in the technical striking in this fight. He's one of the very few MMA fighters who are able to throw quick, accurate and hard combinations to he head and body of a fighter. Since getting with ATT, Sakara has improved on the elements of MMA that caused him to lose fights earlier in his career and he's finally able to use his boxing to his full potential.

Striking- Sakara. No discussion.

Power- Stann. Any man that can KO Chris Leben (even after eating candy) hits fucking hard.

Wrestling- Even or Neither. Stann has better TD and Sakara has better TDD

Grappling- Sakara. You watch and see if this Stann wants to make it a ground fight.

Crowd Support- Sakara- Sweden should be considered a home match for Sakara. For the Americans: Sweden is a country in Europe. Ikea and good heavy metal music come from there. The GI Joe angle will not play well abroad.

Sakara wins this fight 9/10 times. Stann's only hope is to land a very big, hard shot when Sakara is not expecting it. I see this being a version of Sonnen-Stann, but on the feet. Stann is tough and pretty good at everything, but pretty good wasn't enough for Chael's wrestling and it won't be enough for Sakara's boxing. Expect Sakara to fight towards a title shot in 2013.

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ehx - excellent assessment

sakara might very well have the belt around his waist right now if it wasn't for unfortunate injuries

 It has to be a curse. A death, an injury, poisioning, a last minute change from a striker to a wrestling champion, a broken ligament.

The heart this man has to even keep going in this sport with all this happening is the heart of a champion.

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