Official SBGi Fall Camp, Oct 06!

SBGi - Fall Camp 06!

When: October 13-15
Where: Niagara Falls, Ontario
Who: YOU!!!

This year's Fall Camp is being hosted by Rich Beaupit in Niagara Falls, Ontario. Scheduled for October 13-15, the Fall Camp will include instruction by some of SBGi's top coaches who will be traveling from all over the globe. Dozens of international students will also be in attendance so you don't want to miss out. Rich is also organizing some non-martial-arts events for spouses who may wish to attend (wine tours, tours of the Falls, etc.) so why not make it a family weekend? Book that weekend off and join in the fun!

All three days:

Pre-registered by October 1, 2006: SBGI Members: $212.00

Canadian ($188.00 US), Non-Members: $239.00 Canadian ($212.00 US)

After October 1, 2006: SBGI Members: $239.00 Canadian ($212.00 US) ,Non-Members: $268.00 Canadian ($238.00 US)

Saturday & Sunday Only:

Pre-Register by October 1, 2006: SBGi Members: $192.00 Canadian ($170.00 US), Non-Members: $212.00 Canadian ($188.00 US)

After October 1st, 2006: SBGi Members: $212.00 Canadian ($188.00 US), Non Members: $235.00 Canadian ($208.00 US)

PayPal your Registration to:

It really helps us to know who will be attending so please register early and help all of us out please.

Here is the Camp hotel info:

Hampton Inn At The Falls
5591 Victoria Avenue
Niagara Falls, Ontario, Canada

The hotel is located just a five minute walk from Clifton Hill, The Gardens by the Falls, Casino Niagara (the old one), and the Falls themselves.

Rich has reserved a block of rooms as follows:

Wednesday October 11th: 7 rooms Thursday October 12th – Saturday October 14th: 20 rooms
Sunday October 15th: ?
Here are the rates we received:

Wednesday – Friday: $89.00
Saturday: $129.00
Sunday: $89.00
These are some the best rates around, especially for the proximity we have to the Falls and various attractions.

Rooms are being held under "Straight Blast Gym International". To book a room, everyone must call in to the hotel individually and book their room under the SBGI group. This will give them the rates I have listed above. Rooms are being held until September 11th. Rooms not booked by then will be released to the general public.

Here is the teaching line-up (with additional guest's to be announced!)

Matt Thornton (Portland OR, SBGi President & BJJ black belt): New Top-Game Material, and release of Series #3!

Luis Gutierrez (Florida, SBGi VP & BJJ black belt): ISR-PM and So-Flo™ Jiu-jitsu

Karl Tanswell (England, SBGi RD): latest innovations in Rather Intelligent Monkey™

Eric Hemphill (Portland OR, SBGi Headquarters Staff & BJJ black belt) No Gi Jits & Jits for MMA!

Steve Whittier (Boston, SBGi RD):Cool stuff!

Mike and Rebecca Sweeney (Kingston, SBGi RD): More Cool stuff!

Travis Davison (Oregon, SBGi Headquarters Staff): Clinch & 1/4 Position

In addition we will be announcing more guests and events . . . . . . . . . . . . this includes the release and premier of the much anticipated Series # 3 which will be released at Camp, and premiered by the editor Chritian Graugart from Denmark!

Be there!

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Karl says...

Can't wait!

Quite a few heading that way from So Flo.

I am open to coach whatever you guys attending would like to see.

I would like to show some alternative passes against the butterfly
guard, new counter arm drag material, a quite unique guard passing
game, and the latest 1/2 guard / x-guard game (transitions, sweeps,
escapes) from the upcoming So Flo 3 set. are aware you have once again put Matt, Karl and me in the
same space and time? Remember what this does to your state of mind
let alone the universe at least the Niagra region. :)


Yes, I remember all too well. My therapist says that my recovery is making
progress though. One day at a time....

Good times!

Shawn, it will be good to see you again. I will try to keep this thread updated on info. That stated you really never know what kind of cool material will arise, so suggestion. . .bring a gi and boxing gloves regardless, and you can't lose. And be ready to have a great time.

Okay... okay... I just GOTTA go...
Now for important details...
..Will there be a Shawn of the Dead 2 :-)



I have some exciting news regarding a Yoga for athletes class that we will have available in the mornings for both camp members and their spouses. . .I will post details when I get back from Sweden.


Rory and I are out for obvious reasons. Maybe next camp. I was looking forward to coming.

Adam you suck!



Go Rory!

We have something really special in mind for the March Camp, I will announce it at the Niagara event.

Just remember Adam that I still have some cold ones waiting for you and Rory in my fridge!