Official SBGi now in Singapore!

As some of you may know I recently conducted a seminar in Singapore. It was a hit and everyone had a great time.

I am proud to announce that we now have an official affiliate training group for the SBGi in Singapore. Kon will be heading up this venture with both Matt's and my full support.

Kon has a solid ground and stand-up game and has spent many years in Judo. He is a great guy and is going to be an awesome asset to SBGi. This is our first official representative in Asia!

As well I would like to thank Kon for been such a great host and setting up the seminar.Both Matt and myself will be in Singapore in June 2004, can't wait wish I could move there!


Rodney "Chico" King

Congratulations Kon! Wish you the best of luck, bro!

Singapore will never be the same again.

Congrats to Kon. He is a great guy, and will make a great addition to SBGi.

-Matt Thornton

Congratulations Kon! Looks like the hard work paid off. Welcome to the family.

Matt, what about a Singapore retreat? Great sites, great peeps and great training, what else would we need. Keep me informed about the seminar in June. If my situation is right would love to go.

For those that have not had the pleasure to meet Kon he is a guy with solid skills and a great attitude when it comes to training. A great addition to the family.


Thanks guys! As Matt says there's gonna be BIG changes in the MA scene here. It was great having Rodney here and judging by the turnout, we can expect bigger events in the future.

Thanks to everyone at SBGi for all the help and support!

Harry - You still planning to be in Thailand in Dec? I'm looking to head that way again for a much needed vacation. Would be great to meet up.

cm81 - Yes I have been in correspondance with Vince. He is a cool guy and is promising plenty of support for future seminars.

- Kon

No doubt Kon will be a great addition.

"Matt, what about a Singapore retreat?"

Excellent idea Harry!

We can look at that after Thailand in June. I will be organizing that with Beth again prior to Spring Camp in March. So we should have details for that by early March. I hope we get the same crew. It will be fun to see everyone again.

Rodney and I will certainly keep all you guys updated.


-Matt Thornton

ttt for SBGi in Singapore

The seminar in Singapore went well, Rodney covered enough material for everyone to benefit but not too much so that you would be overloaded and end up forgetting everything as often happens in seminars. More importantly, the concepts were clearly stated and reinforced with all the drills and instruction. I will come up to Thailand for the June retreat (the sacrifices one makes for training).

As a test of my newly learned aliveness skills, Rodney and Kon left me in a bar to fend for myself on his last night - thankfully this training is progressive and I was only surrounded by lovely Thai girls at the time, if I had been abandoned with the ladyboys in the previous bar I doubt I would have emerged unscathed. - Koga!

Hey Kon & Charles

Thanks for the shout out on our group in Malaysia. I'm looking forward to training with you guys and planning to be at the next Bangkok/Singapore gig with a couple of the guys. Keep me posted.


Congrats Kon, one closer step to bringing the SBGi closer to our neck of the woods.

cm81 - hey man,make sure you come for the Sat open sessions when you make it back in Dec. btw, with regard to your previous query - stick with Tanswell's stuff. Vince and I did some testing out with it today and Matt's right - it's really good.

Kon is a badass and also a really nice guy. Look forward ot hanging with him again!!

Vince, Valan5 - Thanks. Drop me a mail (
if ever you or any of your guys are here.

Lemon - Hey bro, congrats on your last fight. When you coming to
visit Singapore huh?


The offer goes both ways :)
Looking forward to getting whupped by you

This also applies to any of the SBGi members who happen to be this side of the pond...


When i have enough money to get off social security payments :)

Congrats Kon

Chad A.

Congrats Kon! Hope all is well. H

Congratulations to you Kon. I hope to get a chance to visit your gym.

Take care,


Chad, Henry and David - Thanks and make sure you all plan a trip
to Singapore sometime!

- Kon

Kon in thailand all through febuary come down and hang out train etc!


can you email me your contact info? Someone sent me an email looking for an instructor in Singapore and I would like to refer them to you. Marco H. email: