Official scorecards from Glen Johnson fight



Sunday, April 13 2008

By Ryan Macalua

Judges Nicolas Hidalgo (Venezuela), Peter Trematerra (USA) and Jack Woodburn (Canada) all scored the first ten rounds of the controversial Chad Dawson-Glen Johnson fight identically, giving Dawson a 7-3 edge in rounds. All three gave Dawson the first two rounds, Johnson the third round, Dawson the fourth round, Johnson the fifth round, Dawson rounds six through nine and Johnson round ten.

Hidalgo gave Johnson round eleven and Dawson round twelve, while Trematerra and Jack Woodburn gave Dawson the eleventh and Johnson the twelfth for a 116-112 verdict across the board. The result elicited boos from the crowd and a SHOWTIME TV poll showed that 80 percent of viewers were most impressed with Johnson's performance on the night.

"He's a good fighter, but he's not good enough to beat me. I can't believe at my age, at 39, that they would rip me off like this!" raged a disappointed Johnson, who has a long history of losing controversial fights. Dawson, who is expected to face Antonio Tarver in the fall, stated "I'm looking to fight the best. Glen Johnson was one of the best. I took care of business and now it's time to move on."