official scoring of Mir's win?

when Bohlander beat Jackson, it was scored a TKO.

now I see that Mir won by "technical submission". what the hell does that mean? submit= "I give up". clearly, Sylvia never submitted.

I am interested in this because I just got screwed in the contest. they may have been full of shit anyway, or this may have been the deciding factor.

anyone ever heard of a "technical submission" before? or is this something new?

i've seen it a few times but i'm not sure of its clear definition. my guess is its just like a TKO, the referee sees that the fighter is a bad position and wont be able to recover so he stops the fight.

How did you get screwed?

my score should have been 9/12 and then I had 2 TBs that were very close to the real times.

but my feeling is that they scored it ONLY as a sub and not a TKO. so it cost me like $1000 (2nd place).

then again, I have a hard time believing they didn't just give the prizes to their friends.

what sucks about a contest like this is that you don't see everyone's picks beforehand, like on a forum or something. so we all have to "trust" these dirtbag sportsbooks, who I have caught in more lies than a motherf**ker...

this UFC was a heart attack waiting to happen for me LOL

I also dumped some cash on Kimo who got owned

I think I need to stay away from sportsbooks for a while, I leave with my ass really sore more often than not

I think they should accept both props

...just because the armbar is clearly a sub move and a ref stoppage (to the contrast of what Sylvia wanted) is clearly a TKO

that would have still netted me thje $1000 and 2nd place

just my 2 cents...

Dude, that's why you don't bet online.

It amazes me people will bet online -- even playing blackjack against a fuckin' computer -- and expect to not get screwed.

I guess the question is: did the book credit the accounts of people who bet Mir by sub?

Ref stoppage would have seemed the correct grade, but I guess the book goes by whatever the official decision is?

If they did not grade sub as a winner either, then I have to agree the grading policy is fuggd up.

No, no, you have to know how the lines are normally offered, on props.

The prop for KO is normally "by TKO, KO, or referree stoppage."

The official NSAC result of Sylvia/Mir is a TKO. If a book offered finishing props, submission entries should not be considered. He didn't submit; the fight was stopped by the referee.

A TKO is what was announced, and a TKO is what stands in Nevada's record of the event. I don't know who introduced the term "technical submission," but it's only going to create confusion. graded their contest with the method and round only being valid if you picked the correct winner to begin with. If you picked Sylvia, the other two entries cease to count.

Seems to me that "technical submission" is a submission hold that was stopped by the ref because the fighter didn't submit after damage was done or the fighter can't continue. That begs the question though what a choke out is called.

Just like "technical knockout" is when the ref stops the fight even when the fighter wasn't knocked out but is severly hurt or not defending themself from strikes.

As far as I am concerned, the fight ended by "submission hold"...the same way I I feel about a fight ending by chokeout.

When a batter is walked while the bases are loaded in the 11th inning to win a baseball game the winning team still won by a run :P

i think they should make a new catagory for technical subs.

if what Jake said is true, that is amazing that those people got all four winners and ended up with 10 points.

they should have outlined that in their rules, instead they just stated that every correct answer is worth one point.

goku- to be 100% honest, I would say that I predicted Sylvia to break Mir's face by TKO. but hey bro, a TKO is a TKO.