Official Sports Gambling Thread

this is correct. i’m going Dodgers and i’m 4 for 4 this series. no way they lose. i have to brag because most of my picks have sucked lately

Good call.

Ertz TD. Did you do that prop or Ertz TD? I forget which poster it was

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Yeah. I hope you didn’t listen to me…


Ahh I see now. Good call indeed

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The fuck do I know. Jeez, lol

This Memphis-Navy game being high scoring is a kick in the dick. Since when does a game with an option team go over?

I did!!!

Paired it with Fournette TD.

I got greedy, and also paired Ertz over 42
5 yards…totaled up to +1300

That last part lost my parlay…

On the bright side, put 5 down on Dodgers at +105 and won haha


Fucking faggot ass Tom Brady I just needed one more rushing yard from you. Good for nothing dirt bag lol. Well I broke even cause I also took Bucs M/L and Over 50.5

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Just looking for an EZ pay day tonight

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And ertz is gone…

Should I go for it?


Do it!

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Lets Go GIF

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My money is on the Philadelphia flyers -150 and the Minnesota wild -170. 6-2 so far this season

You’re my hero haha!

One day I’ll go balls out on $25 bets lol!

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PSG down 1-0 early…which is good if you live bet, I still think they win 2-1.

Going to reset with higher payout.

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Fuck, I suck. great night last night but doesn’t matter now

Blackhawks, Canucks, Wild ML’s

I wanna say Astros but playoff Red Sox are a different animal