Official Sports Gambling Thread

I mean saying this is my death knell…

If the Sharks loses imma cursed Mother Fucker

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Didn’t feel like posting all my bets yesterday but I’m creeping along the last few days just chipping up. Just missed some nice ones. Today I have a lot out and will probably get other stuff as more thanksgiving promos roll in.

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This is looking promising

@Kirik_Sr I can just send you an Iowa hoodie lol, good luck

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I have like 10 bartstool hoodies lol


I threw $75 on the over 48.5 In this Dallas game.

Lost $100 early this a.m. so on my comeback trail

yes yes…keep feeding Pollard

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If this idiot had taken the points instead of M/L he woulda won

Yeah but he’d still be an idiot

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Fuck you Bears


Well the rec.yard bet hit. Just need the rush yards one. 6yards shy.

2 down 1 to go

Wide open Gallup, fuck man so close

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damn it. so close.

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DK hit already if the yards hold. I need 1 more yard to hit my bet.

Im really not gonna hit this bet by 1 fucking yard lol.

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As usual, Go Hawks!

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The more I watch of oddsjam channel the more it confirms that these guys know their shit. I didn’t see the video in time but they found two good bets and the way to tell is that the lines moved back to bad bets once people hammered the good bets.

It’s only 3 minutes, check it out.