Official STL Blues fan thread!

anyone here a Blues fan? Check in! Phone Post

I'll check myself in, then. Phone Post

Am I literally the only Blues fan on this forum? Phone Post

Blues fan here. Glad to see Morrow said Vlady get goals. And now Schwartz lol. Phone Post

And now Roy lol. This is turning into a blow out Phone Post

Let's go BLUES!!!! Phone Post

xBlind - And now Roy lol. This is turning into a blow out Phone Post

Damn, wish I could be watching. Boss made me turn it off... Phone Post

In Phone Post 3.0

Steen scored as well, on a penalty shot. 5-0 going into the third. Phone Post

I really hope this scoring continues, it really was the missing the link! Phone Post

Lol Berglund and Reeves. 7-0 Phone Post

Halak coming up big! Phone Post

Lets go blues!!!!! STL! Phone Post 3.0

Phone Post 3.0

Are you in the STL area? For some reason I envisioned you living in Minnesota....... Phone Post

In. Got the game on DVR for later, watching the Mizzou game right now. Phone Post

Most shutouts with the Blues. 17. Congrats Halak. 7-0 final. Phone Post

Man we looked great tonight! Phone Post

STL born and raised. Let's take home the cup this year guys! Phone Post 3.0

Signed halak is doing well for fantasy for me Phone Post 3.0

Since the Checkerdome