Official Survivor Season 43 Thread

Wearing jeans to the jungle is a really dumb idea. Gotta look cute I guess.

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My vote is on Sami. Kid is smart and is a tactical…lying about his age was smart and he doesn’t let on how much he knows (eg Puzzle challenge) Owen could be a dark horse also by playing under the radar. Cody was smart to tell people he wasn’t a salesman. People have to start playing this game as soon as they are on that beach. What happened tonight was a result of not really being prepared. I can’t believe they couldn’t sink one ball in the challenge??


Justine is the obvious choice, but Cassidy did make it move a little

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Hot chicks go first. It’s the rule.

She was an asshole anyway who cares. She wanted to look good without playing the game.

Solid season, liking this one a lot.

This is the first time I’ve seen some really smart, young players in a while (Pet Semetary kid, gang PHD guy, etc.). Then there are the usual cast of characters.

Strange they only have like 1 or 2 old people this season…sounds like age discrimination to me!!!

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That kid Sami is good. Also Cody has a good social game. The old guy is younger than me and in worse shape.

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