*OFFICIAL* TKO prediction thread

make your predictions below for TKO. THe winner will receive a great prize. The winner can choose between:

a) a 8x10 glossy of yours truly

b) a password to a porn site from yours truely

c) a sexual favor from any forum member of their choosing

anyways, on to the predictions:

St. Pierre/Strasser - St. Pierre will start off quick. Strasser will survivie and manage to settle the fight down on the ground. However St. Pierre will slowly begin to inch ahead and work towards a TKO stoppage late in the second round.

Cote/Francois - Part of me wants Francois to win. Honestly. Can you see him getting Cote's spot in the UFC and fighting Liddell? (Hey, Francois wants him) I think that would be some good television. Unfortunetly, not going to happen. This one could be over fast. Cote via KO midway through the first.

Rice/Hominick - tough fight to call. Part of me is thinking that Rice's first victory was a fluke. Either Rice had a special night or Hominick had an off night. That side of my brain is winning out over the part that says Rice will repeat. Hominick via stoppage early in round three.

Conliffe/Larenas - haven't seen much of either fighter, so I will just say Conliffe retains via a decision.

Brown/Stout - Stout has as much momentum as a runaway freight train. And Joey Brown is just a little gopher who is going to get steamrolled while trying to cross the tracks. Stout via TKO in the first.

Fraser/Goulet - tough fight to call I think. I think it could go either way. I think a slight edge would have to be given to Goulet, and i willgo with that. Goulet via Decision

Gasson/Quenneville - See my summary of Brown/Stout and put in Quenneville for Stout and Gasson in for Brown, although I do feel it will be a bit closer than Brown/Stout will be. Quenneville late in the first or early second.

St. Pierre

i guess larenas vs conliffe is off now?

it is?

Every fight will be one sided except Rice/Machine. Despite what some may say , Rice IS that good and has been slamming on the mat for a long time. As for the Machine their is no question what he is capable of. It is simply a matter of who makes the mistake first and who is able to take advantage of it.


icco apparently broke his hand and had to drop out, but jacob is still fighting.

st.pierre. cote. machine. conliffe. stout. goulet. pecker.

Who is Jacob fighting ?

hey jhr i heard rumur jacob might be aginst pellin or lLe Sarge , only rumurs though either way he will retain pellin would be a great fight both have great throws and take downs , but jacob has the knock out power AS I KNOW FIRST HAND

the rumors is conliffe vs Lafond. Last time lafond beat martin tremblay at TKO 18.

I hope it's Lafond.. I like Yan Pellerin and I don't want to see Pellerin get hurt...

I don't have anything against Lafond mind you.

Jacob is on another level.


"but jacob has the knock out power AS I KNOW FIRST HAND"

Bro that was the scariest thing I have ever seen... That leg came out of left field...

people, make your predictions so you can win one of those fabulous prizes.

St. Pierre/Strasser - St. Peezy will win.

Cote/Francois - Cote.

Rice/Hominick - Rice is obviously one tough skilled mofo to beat Hominick. However, Hominick will come back with a vengence. This is will be a war and worth the cost of the event in itself I bet. I will go with Hominick.

Conliffe. As Steeldragon said, Conliffe has power and it comes out of nowhere.

Brown/Stout - Stout will lay a beating on his opponent that will be legendary throughout Quebec and the maritimes for years to come.

Fraser/Goulet - Dunno.

Gasson/Quenneville - Gasson will surprise as he has found his niche in the 155 division and lay some heavy hands to win.

I also predict a crazy little english guy will be going nutz in the audience as the whole event goes on.

Gasson had the fight of his life against Coutu before Coutu succumbed to his own exhaustion and fell into that Guillotine. Up to that point he was out wrestled and out positioned. The difficulty for Quenneville will be to believe that the last fight against Diaz was an abberation and not indicitave of his skill level.

Hominick will be back with a vengance true, but Rice has more than one point to prove. He will shut down Mark by any means necessary.

Sled Dog! Gentleman's bet! If Rice wins I will send you a t-shirt from my club. If Hominick wins then a t-shirt from your club comes my way?

Whaddya say?


P.S. I would love to meet you and talk some pekiti tirsa at TKO if you're there. Cheers!



I accept your bet.

I will be there but I am not getting my ticket untill Saturday so I don't know where I will be sitting yet.

Where are you sitting?

St. Pierre via TKO, Cote via Ko, Rice via submission, Stout via TKO, Goulet via decision, Quennville via decision.

I won't have my ticket until Saturday either. LOL! But rest assured, I'll try and find you at the event. If not though I'll let you kno where you can send the t-shirt.

Good luck and I hope to see you there!


I can see it now, I'll be walking around the arena saying, "Hey, are you sled dog?"

That's "Hé, vous sont le chien de traîneau?" for those of us who have poor translation skills.

i predict marco antico will declare it the best event of all time