Official UFC 293 Adesanya v. Strickland thread

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Lots of bets for this card, I are excite

Cage Warriors tonite, not sure if anyone follows tho

shakes head , i cant keep track anymore

Gonna be honest I don’t really care about this fight card in the slightest. Just don’t care for Sean Strickland at all. Or Izzy. He’s a weirdo and Sean is annoying. On top of that they’re both boring fighters

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Steel could be a fun night

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I Guess The Breakfast Club GIF by For(bes) The Culture

JDS/Werdum up next on u toob Phree

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crazy light for a ppv. but i’m gonna watch because i really like fights.




I thing Strickland has a chance if he has an answer for the leg kicks.
Probably Izzy by head kick though.

Watch Strickland successfully wrestle and submit Izzy

My mate Leigh used to be cage warriors champion. Then genki sudo beat him up. At some point we are gonna meet up to hang out. I told him we have to fight. Motherfucker is gonna knock the shit out me. I’m looking forward to it

For context I’m looking forward to testing violence against a lifelong martial artist. Plus I know he will kick my ass so I can go full blast. I told my girlfriend I wouldn’t fight in the street anymore so this is a compromise. Plus I want to do it. I just hope I don’t end up looking like ninja ron


I checked it out for GS its in San Diego at Sycuan . I didnt read or hear a peep about this show. I could have given it some props and didnt know about it ?

Think of it like this: we get to see one of them lose

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