Official USA Track and Field Championships 2022 Thread

Kinda what i was thinking.

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So what’s the controversy with the clock?

NBC has a 10 year contract with USATF or Iaaf through 2030, and olympics through 2032. we are stuck with them. its too bad. they really aren’t very good at it.

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Its been on NBC for so long I can’t remember anything different

there isnt any that i know of, its a nothing story. they had a 2.5 tailwind so the times were fast, nothing about what michael johnson said was in any way racist, some idiots on twitter said some dumb shit and a lame media company tried to make a story out of it.

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Yeah thats stupid shit…im more interested in what he saying abjut the clock…did 12 ppl set personal best times in the semis?

yep and 5 national records were broken

i just think he didnt know about the wind, i dont think there is any evidence that something was wrong with the clocks other than his speculation.

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Ahhhh…that makes sense

Fuck sake the gun goes off in 9 hours why am I awake? Gonna be gross humid

I’m gonna torch Bor and Rojas

wrong thread

Update.,. I did not win. And Jordan hasay needs to find a new job


93420 local.

I have seen her running around town.
Doesnt look human.

Congrats on surviving!

She was in the 37’s

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And you? :grimacing:

I’m not pro

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how old is she now? seems like she was just a middle school phenom a few years ago

i remember her running 33m or so but that could be 10 years ago now

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Thats not what i was after.
Are you happy with how you ran?
Did you meet your goals?