Official Vette Z06 pics

blue name to post pics please...

0 to 60 in 3.8 sec.

Top Speed 200 MPH

2,900 lbs

5.7 lbs/HP

Chassis & Suspension development by Pratt & Miller,
Aluminum Hydroformed frame produced by DANA
- 345/30x19 Rears
- 6 piston Front, 4 piston Rear Brake Calipers
- Cross Drilled (cast and camfered) Rotors (possibly Brembo)

Engine Development by KaTech
To be hand built by new HP Engine Plant

LS7 427ci/ 7.0L. 500HP/500 Ft Lbs (512 HP derated to 500HP)
- 2 OHV (3 OHV not necessary for target HP)
- Raced based CNC ported Aluminum Head with 70cc chambers
- 11.0:1 CR
- 46 mm (1.81") Titanium Intake valve
- 41 mm (1.61") Na filled Exhaust Valve
- 104.8 mm Bore (4.125") , 101.6 mm Stroke (4.0") Aluminum block
- Forgrd Crank
- Forged 6 bolt main Bearing Caps
- Titanium Rods
- Cast Aluminum Flat Top Pistons
- 0.591" Lift Cam (15 mm)
- Dry Sump
- 90 mm Throttle Body on Composite manifold
- Ram Air

That's a good sized cam.

You bastard you beat me to it!!!!

Glad to see the hood scoop did in fact make it. Whole thing looks sick as hell.

I'm liking the 2900 lb curb weight.

200mph top speed? whoaaaa!

Everything about this car is just amazing, the power, the weight, everything. It is going to be a true snake eater.

Can't wait to see it in real life at the Detroit auto show!

dig the hood scoop.

how much?

No one knows just yet Cartel, but I would bet on 60-65K.