Official Warning to Paulo

This was on the AFBJJ site. I don't know what Paulo did but I think it's good that he's given a fair go with two warnings before expulsion. Now where's the fairness to Bon? Instant expulsion with no right to respond and no official warnings.

A level two warning has been issued to Paulo Guimaraes - head instructor of Roots Jiu Jitsu.

The warning relates to actions made by Paulo Guimaraes during the 2006 Pan Pacific Championships held at the Melbourne Sports and Aquatic Centre in November 2006.

The AFBJJ Inc. does not accept the kind of behavior displayed and thereby issues this final warning.

Paulo Guimaraes was issued with a level one warning in 2004 and therefor he has now two warnings. There are no third warnings. Any more misconduct from Paulo Guimaraes will result in expulsion from the AFBJJ Inc. Affiliate Membership. "

Thanks mma watchdog!

Is the AFBJJ the Brazillians or the other side?


I don't have anything to do with the BJJ scene or its politics..but I am however curious as to know what Paulo did to earn both warnings.


Paulo can get a little heated at times but he has not tried to attack anyone at a tournament IIRC

A bit rough on Paulo when you consider another NSWBJJ black belt punched on in the car park at the no-gi and got off scot free.

"A bit rough on Paulo when you consider another NSWBJJ black belt punched on in the car park at the no-gi and got off scot free."

That was a NSWBJJ run event. Not AFBJJ

TTT for finding out what Paulo did or should I say allegedly did to deserve
the warnings.

I believe there was a very "Heated" discussion between Paulo and another Gentleman i was there but have no idea what it was about or what was said just that it looked rather tense for want of a better term

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I think Paulo just needs a hug


"I think Paulo has done a lot for BJJ in Aus and to kick him out of the Association would be a shameful act. So what if he gets heated, he is Brazilian."

His nationality should be an excuse for his behaviour? Bit of reverse racism there.

He's supposed to be a professional.

There is no excuse for abusing referees.


I don't see what the big deal is: AFBJJ has certain policies it adhears to, clearly one of which relates to the behaviour it expects from its members. How it enforces such policies is really up to the AFBJJ. If you really want to know how Paulo ended up with a warning either ask him or the AFBJJ directly - neither are very difficult.

NSWBJJF (or whatever it's called) likely has similar expectations regarding member behaviour. Again, the enforcement of such policies is the specific body's affair - either you like it or leave.

Having been the target of abuse whilst being a sporting ref, I'm just glad that some action is taken. Similarly, where I don't agree with the action (or inaction), I am under no obligation to participate in any sporting event - basically I can vote with my feet.

Oh you mean like soccer or rugby? Where the coach and club get a $10,000 fine for bring the sport into disrepute?

The fact he is brazillian is irrelevent.

Like Zab Judah when he was suspended for 12 months and was fined $250,000

Also what about when an AFL play bumps into an umpire by accident? Have seen a couple of them suspended and fined also.

Not sure what happened as I have no conection to any BJJ club or org but umpires, refs and officialls should be out of bounds.

Can someone please tell us how much the Refs at these BJJ comps get paid for all there work? Do they do it for the money or are they there to help the sport?

""Bit of reverse racism there. "

there is no such thing.... ""

It's a euphemism for using race as an excuse for actions/behaviour etc.

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