Official Xbox one EA UFC 2 gamertag thread.

Post them here instead of the massive thread we have going with PS4 users and Xbox. It's getting all jumbled and trashing that good thread.

Got mine downloading right now! Imo it's better to digital download. Keep the games forever, skip the lines. Idc about resale any more because you get $20 bucks for it. Lol. From here on out all my games are digital download ahead of time.

Phone Post 3.0

Reserved Phone Post 3.0

Is that your gamertag? Phone Post 3.0

Some of the ones posted already.

Mulletron500 is mulletron5000
The blitz is G0RIS
WandFC12 is SANDUSKYS HOUSE Phone Post 3.0

TTT FOR MORNING CREW. Phone Post 3.0 blue please. Phone Post 3.0