Offshore Sportsbooks

I have been hearing rumblings about Zuffa possibly developing a stance somewhat against offshore sportsbooks, so to speak. The first time I saw it in print was on Fightsport webpage. Normally I would not take what they say as reality, but in this case it supports other rumblings I have heard, so I thought I would comment.

Having wagered on boxing and horses for many years, I can't express how much I appreciate the new online sportsbooks. There was a time when I placed wagers on boxing matches through a third part who was stationed in Las Vegas -- You talk about inconvienience. Getting money transfered back-and-forth, placing bets etc. was really inconvienient. Online sportsbooks changed all that.

To keep it sort of short, I am here to say the online sportsbooks INCREASE my interested and enjoyment for the UFC, DRAMATICALLY. I no longer have an option to play UFC or boxing, if it were not for the sportsbooks. There is nothing more convienient than a good online sportsbook to place a wager. Pinnacle, Betoddessa, MVP, TCbets, sportsbook, have great customer service and are first class and much appreciated in my book.

I just wanted to say I am a big supporter of what the online sportsbooks and particularly Joey Oddessa have done to make wagering on UFC and boxing more practical for the bulk of the UFC and boxing fans like myself.

Do all those sportsbooks carry UFC and Pride odds?

They usually do but MVP and TCbets are inconsistent on Pride. Pinnacle, MVP and TCbets don't have UFC up yet.

I shop for value with all of the above and I usually have money in more than one due to limits. My favorite right now is Pinnacle due to lowest juice on fights and highest rebates on horses.

TTT for

That was impressive to see them not only have a huge banner on the mat of last nights HBO fights but also a huge sign at ringside and were announced by Michael Buffer as the sponser of the show. I thought that was kind of ironic after all the talk latly.

PS Peter came thorugh big for me (big play of night) and I think he is going to be the next BIG thing at HW. Don't let him hit ya.

The Sportsbook presence on the ring and in Buffers announcement was impressive on HBO last night.