OG auto experts, I have a wiring question

Okay, so about a week and a half ago, I got a new truck.

Since women tend to be bad drivers and my g/f will be driving it, I decided to get a back up camera.

Now you wire the thing into reverse light to power it.

I looked at the wires of the reverse light, and they aren't red and black. One is black and yellow, the other looks like a grey and red. I was assuming that the black and yellow was the negative, the red and gray looking one the positive.

Made the connections, camera works. Drove around a little so she could practice parking.

Yesterday, my g/f tells me the truck isn't starting. I jump it and get it going and leave it run a little while. A couple hours later, I go out to check it and it won't start again. Obviously, something is draining the battery.

Now I did kind of a poor job of splicing the wires. But I'm wondering, if I connected the wires wrong (connected negative to positive and vice versa), could that be the culprit? But if that's what I did, wouldn't the back up camera not work?

I can't find anything online about the which wire could be the positive or negative based on their colors, only that the best way to tell is to use a multimeter.

What is more likely, that I connected the wrong wires, which drained the battery, or that my poor splicing job is the cause?

I don't think the problem is related to the reverse camera. It's wired through the reverse lights so the only time it's connected to the battery is when you're in reverse. It's not going to draw power through an open switch.

You said you don't have a meter so not sure how you would find the draw. With a meter you unhook the negative battery cable then put your amp meter from the negative terminal to the disconnected cable. If you see a reading then pull fuses until it disappears and that's the circuit that's drawing power.

How old is the battery?

Get a test light. One side goes to ground. Have gf apply breaks and poke a wire. If the light lights up you have your positive wire. Test lights cost less than 5 bucks last time I looked. Used one in car stereo all the time. Also get some good connectors. Phone Post 3.0

Had this same issue recently actually..


Turns out it was the flux capacitor and I just needed more plutonium. 

Talking to some of the guys at work, they think it's just a coincidence and that the battery might be going.

If I hooked up the wires incorrectly, the camera shouldn't be coming on at all. Camera works fine.

After jumping it, I had her check the brake and reverse lights, and they were working fine.

I'm going to take it to Auto Zone and have them check the battery.

Irish Cream - 

Had this same issue recently actually..


Turns out it was the flux capacitor and I just needed more plutonium. 

The flux capacitor is fluxing just fine, and I even double checked the blinker fluid levels to make sure