OG Cigar smokers

The IOS ap is very clunky. Not looking forward to this shit show lol.

I can’t find this thread in my subscriptions. Once I search and find it, it opens to posts from a few months ago so I have to scroll, let it load, then scroll, let it load. Rinse & repeat. This is brutal. I know everything is new and there may be some bugs but I won’t deal with this for long.

It’s not in my subs either on the ap. I click the post count, then “jump to”, then I type in the last numbered post to get to the end of it. I’m sure there’s a quicker way but that’s what I’ve learned so far. They didn’t make things easier thats for sure.

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This is the worst April fool’s joke ever

Only took me all day to find this thread. What a hunk of shit this is.

Make sure to change the drop down at the bottom of this thread from tracking to watched. Watched are the “locked in” subscriptions. I’m learning. The layout is a little wonky but there are a lot of positives too. I noticed that like an iMessage you can see when someone is currently typing out a post at the bottom of a thread. Pretty cool.

Ok, trying this out. Not the simplest to upload a pic. Tatuaje TAA 2019

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And we are back on track! I had a Rothchildes today but didn’t post it. I smoke too many to post them all the time.

So I used the perfecdraw on my first repeat buy (the RA specially selected) and whilst it felt like the draw was ok to start with I did give it two turns with the tool to see what it was like.

What a difference it made- it was probably too much draw but it’s helped me get an idea of what a good draw feels like for me so I’ll be able to better gauge in the future.

But the difference in flavours and taste from the much stronger draw were huge

FUCK. I hope Shan the Man comes back.

What RH are you keeping your cigar at? Just curious because you really shouldn’t have this many issue draw issues with premium cigars.

At the moment just keeping them in a air sealed Tupperware as I’m buying them in batches if 3-4 and smoking them fairly quickly - I’m in the U.K. so the ambient humidity is not too bad anyway.

Once I move house I n a couple months I’ll get a humidor

I’ve only had one where the draw was bad and one where the draw was tight in fairness but the playing around with the tool last night made a noticeable difference

I blazed a LA Perla Habana classic Maduro whilst smoking a tri-tip for lunch earlier.

Damn tasty cigar.

Uploading pics on the app sucks ass. Anyways, this was me and the GF’s Easter smokes. Some rare shit here, unbanded are the Tatuaje bone marrow and Government cheese. The Raul Disla “U” is from a set called the “R.A.U.L.” All blends will be released through dunbarton at some point and the “U” is supposedly the test blend of the DTT unstolen valor. The sultans of smoke is 6years old and is a collaboration between Danny Vasquez of Voyage cigars and formally RoMa Craft, along with Mo from Patina cigars.

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Has your lady always smoked? Cool hobby to share.

I haven’t posted a pic yet. Is it confusing? I’m sure I’ll find out this week at some point.

The picture upload text appears in the text box and you have to work around it. It’s annoying. So before me and her met, I was a once, maybe 2 time a year cigar smoker, one of our first dates was a scotch vs bourbon night that you could smoke cigars at, I brought a cigar and she tried it and loved it. We started smoking once a month, than once a week, than a couple times a week. She was the one that got me my first humidor and it’s truly what started all this. I knew if I ever got a humidor, I would collect, and well, we all pretty much know about my collecting habits. She is an avid smoker still, but since we don’t live with eachother and she cares for her mother and child, she doesn’t get to smoke as often as me.

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Started with the Viaje WMD and now playing mancala and enjoying the intemperance BA Gran Perfecto while the gf smokes the HVC first selection broadleaf


Trying it on browser. So far its gay

Yea man, I’m not liking it either.