OG Cigar smokers

Luminosa…too much oil

Also very little smoke. Maybe to wet?

Is this normal? Fat blob of oil. Not a bad taste. So far the Undercrown Shade is my favorite.

I’ve been smoking Nub Connecticuts, Mexican Hot Chocolates and Crook of the Crown lately. All enjoyable.

I picked up a Macanudo Gold and a Foundation Charter Oak CT Shade from Cigar Emporium Houston. Very nice lady helped me out.

Bad cut, not allowing the air to go through and all the oils are building up

Too shallow. It had a bad draw too. The explains it.

What is the consensus for the best/favorite sub $15 cigar here?

Way to many to name
RoMa Craft Neanderthal or cromagnon
Patina maduro
Surrogates AKC
Crowned heads Mil Dias
Stolen thrones crook of the crown

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Yeah theres a lot. Here’s a few of mine.

Agree with Crowned Heads Mil Dias. Only took me two smokes before I bought a box.

Tatuaje Black Label
HVC Hot Cake
Illusione Rothchildes
Roma Craft Aquitaine

Number 4 of the sampler. Winston Churchill Belicoso. I did a better job on the cut. Very light smoke. So far the Hemingway is the best.


I’ve been thinking of grabbing a couple for taking out on the boat


Sounds like mil dias is good stuff

Macanudo Gold. Most consistent I have smoked yet. Down to 1.5-2" and still cool smooth smoke.

What’s everyone’s opinion on Drew Estate Factory Smoke?

I’ve never had one.



Still going strong. Great cigar.