OG Cigar smokers

Here’s one to make people laugh

10 sec long. You guys that grew up in the late 80s and early 90s must have heard this song a million times


Those were on sale up here, too, today.

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Yeah. They were like $8-$9 each. I was hoping a box of Karloffs was open, but to no avail.

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Does it matter how much ash a cigar can hold?

It speaks to its construction.

Alright, thanks

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Tyrannical Buc and a new whisky from the Summerton Club tonight.

I know maestro imma described them as hit or miss or but this was a definite hit for me. Smooth, good construction, nice flavours


I was finally able to try putting down a cigar for the first time. How god damn lovely is that? I put it on the edge of my bench and kept working on my car and I could give that fucker 10 min without a puff and it was still lit! (The right way, that is)

Thank you all for that


Awesome. That’s 1 I have yet to try. I really enjoyed the toothpick 2.0 and the F the FDA. Riste is a solid dude, I got an extremely rare 5er from him last year.

Oh man, sealed boxes of Karloff? I guess I’ll be calling the shop tomorrow :joy:

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Camacho corojo


Know what sucks? Being a Red Wings fan working in a cigar lounge full of Avs fans lol.



You could have just said “it sucks being a red wings fan”. I’ve come to that realization years ago

How the hell do you guys keep track of what is going on? I can barely find the puck during the whole damn game.

I think they were $165.

Do I get a finder’s fee of 1? :laughing:

What all I picked up yesterday. Including a “1 per customer” signsture Fuente.

Bonus Hogwarts in the background.


Are you at orange lake ?

Aventura on Universal property.

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