OG Cigar smokers

Macanudo inspirado red


Open Regatta and the Glenfarclas 105


Damn nice set up. That glass is awesome

Rocky patel vintage 2003 camaroon. Had the perfect backdrop to match the color of the bands for a photo lol



Wasn’t someone on here a fan of the newer Camacho Liberty series?

Sale of the 2020’s just in case

Heres the camacho liberty’s they sell in canada. 20% off too lol

Man I think I still have a couple of early years of those Liberty singles in the box buried somewhere.

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Brickhouse Double Connecticut


Yeah I have a 2013 & another year socked away

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Pretty good for their first run


Too bad they teamed up with privada to do their release.

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Really bummed I didn’t pick up a couple more boxes of these. Aganorsa & Cigar Dojo really did a good job with the Reviver


Atlantic has 7 singles in stock. Nearly a bundle

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Of the Reviver? They were listed as sold out last December. They only came in boxes of 10 as well

Son of a bitch. Just looked & they do show 7. Guess they found a box somewhere & opened the damn thing up lol

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Lol, probably the case.

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I am not a fan of Brian’s peacocking but I do enjoy there releases.

I personally think they are the worst thing in the cigar industry right now. He’s smart as fuck with what he’s built and the cult he’s grown. I also don’t buy any brands that have worked with Privada. I was all about Cavalier, until they did a release. Privada is taking normal blends from companies and jacking the price up for the consumers. The HVC hot cake was just a different size, and was $3-5 more than the normal hot cake, the cavalier odd job, just the black II but with a higher price. Terrible thing to do to your costumers.