OG College Football Bowl Pickem


sign up. If you competed last year, your previous sign in and password will work.

or just make a new on.

Then join the group: OG CollegeFootballLeague

The password is OG

it is a private group for mma.tv members and their family members, but there are only 50 spots available.

All you trash talkers: this is your chance to show everybody that you have been right all along.

If you have any questions post them here and I will answer them.

good luck, bitches.

Confidence points matter a lot.

100 people could all pick every game the same, but the person who has bigger points on games they win and smaller points on games they lose, will dominate all the other 99 players.


I'm in.  SEC will demonstrate why it's the best conference year in and year out. 


If Troy Smith makes plays the Buckeyes will win.

The Troy Smith Buckeyes will beat UF. Troy Smith always comes through in the big game.

shouldn't it be the ohio state troy smiths?


The first game is tonight.

This is the last day to join if you want to get points on every game.

If you miss tonights game, you can still join and play and you will only miss out on 1 point out of about 520 or so.


Which OGer is T. Hamilton? 

It is down to savas and C. Laidlaw.

If Western Michigan, Ohio, and OSU win then C. Laidlaw wins.

Anything other than that happens and savas wins.

It won't matter who wins in LSU vs ND.

I'd like to thank all the little people . . .