OG college football bowl pickem


sign up. If you competed last year, your previous sign in and password will work.

or just make a new on.

Then join the group: OG CollegeFootballLeague

The password is OG

it is a private group for mma.tv members and their family members, but there are only 50 spots available.

All you trash talkers: this is your chance to show everybody that you have been right all along.

If you have any questions post them here and I will answer them.

good luck, bitches.

Confidence points matter a lot.

100 people could all pick every game the same, but the person who has bigger points on games they win and smaller points on games they lose, will dominate all the other 99 players.



just a note the password has to be in CAPS

I bet I know who  chester1 is!

I am registered so you all might as well not sign up I have already won.

!!!!GO NAVY!!!!




WTF I can't get in... post a usable link the

OG CollegeFootballLeague isn't working and I can't get to it through the search function....

Click on the first link, or type in http://games.espn.go.com/bowlmania/frontpage. The OG CollegeFootballLeague one is dead, but the other one is working. The password is OG in Caps. That should get you in.

Once you make a profile, then you can choose to be in a group.

copy OG CollegeFootballLeague and past it into the group search.

Our league will pop up and you click on it.


I'm in

Somebody splain the the points thing? Are we betting?



it explains the points on the bowlmania login page,

but here is a quick summary.

You are not just picking the winner of the game. You have to put points on every game.

there are 1 to 32 points. You put 1 point on the game you are most unsure of, and you put 32 points on the game you are most sure of. You can't use the same number more than once, obviously.

If you pick the game correctly, you get the points you placed on that game.

The player at the end with the most points wins.