OG college football pickem

I know there are many college football fans on here that and some participate in the college pickem game (through yahoo).

I was thinking maybe it would be cool to do a private OG group with a $20 entry fee all paid through PayPal (a trusted member to be sent the money to hold for payout). I'm sure we could get a good game going and have a decent pool. The payout positions could depend on final number of entries or just a winner take all. If we do it to be entered we can set a deadline for money to be sent.

Just a thought to gauge interest. Phone Post 3.0

I would be down. Phone Post 3.0

Thanks guys. I'll keep this thread ttt'd and see how many we can get.

I'll set the group up on yahoo college pickem next week and if we get enough people we can see about the money Phone Post 3.0

Bump Phone Post 3.0

One more bump til tomorrow. Phone Post 3.0

Another one for the weekday workday crew. Phone Post 3.0

Debating bumping this again... Phone Post 3.0

Surprisingly little interest Phone Post 3.0

Yeah I really figured it would get more interest. Thought at minimum 20 or so would be down Phone Post 3.0

Roll Tide! Phone Post 3.0

Geaux Tigers sounds much better :p Phone Post 3.0

i'm going to bump this thing everyweek dammit!

Boomer! Phone Post 3.0

Ttt Phone Post 3.0

Just set it up:

ID:  5859

Password:  wildeachit

  • no confidence points
  • pick against spread
  • use tiebreak system
  • drop lowest week
  • yahoo default games are picked (most interesting of the week according to yahoo)
we'll see about the interest.
buy-in if yall want can be changed.  we can discuss

Hopefully we can get a few others and make it interesting Phone Post 3.0

and another shameless bump