OG College/NFL Uber Fantasy Challenge

I've always wanted to do this, and will if there is interest.

Following games from ESPN
College Football Pickem
College Football Rank Em
College Football Challenge
NFL Pickem
NFL Gridiron Challenge
NFL Fantasy Football*
NFL Eliminator Challenge*

You would sign up for all games in the OG group and each winner of the season would gain points to find out the winner of the user challenge. Perhaps a prize or for bragging rights.

Points would be based on total points (if 14 players, winner would get 14 pts, and second would get 13, and so on).

Players would be capped at 20, if there is enough interest. Phone Post

Starred games are a maybe, considering Fantasy Football with enough players and Eliminator if people want it (it's a survival game). Phone Post

TTT Phone Post

Ttt Phone Post